Some give thanks for turkeys… we give thanks for firm skin!

November means we’re into the busiest travel season of the year – family dinners, revisiting hometown friends. . . let them give thanks for the turkey feast; you can give thanks for your impossibly firm skin, thanks to Precious Firmness Recovery!

When the holiday season comes knocking, you know it’s time to break out the party outfits, and start donning your yuletide best. And that means looking your most youthful! No one wants to run into that high school crush or finicky family member, without looking unassailably fabulous.

That’s why U.SK is delivering our exciting new line-erasing, skin firming product, Precious Firmness Recovery, just in time to re-plump, firm, tighten and restore your skin, before you dive into your packed calendar of holiday parties! Precious Firmness Recovery is more than a secret weapon to diminish fine lines. It’s the multi-tasking moisturizer that’s bound to become your new go-to product, and here’s why:

Daily use (in the AM or PM) provides a slew of benefits:

  • Prevents and repairs the signs of aging with targeted expression line and wrinkle control
  • Increases structural protein (collagen and elastin) maintenance while improving cellular pathways associated with antioxidant activity and immunomodulatory effects to reduce oxidative stress from free radical damage
  • Evens overall skin quality and improves texture
  • Unifies skin tone and texture, improving overall appearance, moisture and stimulation of natural moisture factors

Clinical trials showed that Precious Firmness Recovery increases collagen levels in the skin up to 75%, increases softness and moisture, and reduces depth of wrinkles by an amazing 15%! In other words, you can kiss your fine lines goodbye for good. DNA damage and oxidative stress are often culprits in causing visible signs of aging, and this lightweight luminous moisturizer is proven to reverse 24% of DNA damage in the skin when used just once a day!

We would call it magic in a bottle, and we’re sure that’s what you’ll call it after just two weeks of use – but it’s the science behind this miraculous formula that makes it deeply effective. Premium active ingredients like Hexapeptides target delivery of key anti aging compounds and amplifies skin thickness and firmness through keratinocyte synthesis, while red algae biomass acts as an intensive antioxidant, like a supercharged version of vitamins C or E, reducing inflammatory effects at the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Our exclusive, nearly bioidentical amino acid blend replenishes the skin with essential nutrients, maintaining the skin’s natural moisture factors (NMFs).

Additional ingredients like Fucose and Rhamose rich polysaccharides deliver powerfully effective anti-aging properties, assisting in restructuring the skin to turn back the clock, and reveal smooth, firm, youthful skin – here in time for the holidays!

Revitalizing Precious Firmness Recovery is now available at our U.SK authorized partner's medspas and physician practices. If you’re looking forward to sharing your best beauty tricks with friends this season, we recommend that you pick up a few extras to have this year's most coveted stocking stuffers on-hand!

Luminous lightweight moisture with expression line control is the best gift we could think of creating for our valued customers. Try this product today, and let us know how it brings a little extra ‘glow’ to your holiday season!

Precious Firmness Recovery