About Under Skin

Premium dermocosmetics developed by renowned dermatologists

U.SK Under Skin is a premium dermocosmetics brand that combines science and effectiveness with sophistication and luxury. Founded in 2015, Under Skin brings a new concept to the dermocosmetic market: SCIENCE BEHIND THE BEAUTY. Our products carry the signature of Skin Care High Performance and were developed with the tutelage of the most renowned dermatologists along with the expertise of the Italian research and development laboratory Monteresearch®, based in Milan. Under Skin combines innovative solutions for all skin types along with the latest scientific discoveries to ensure the most efficient products with proven results.


Italian expertise with worldwide science

Ensuring the high performance of U.SK products is one of our utmost commitments in the dermatological field. The combination of innovation and technology to model, develop and establish our products is synonymous with our International Design, endorsed by the Italian Research and Development Laboratory Monteresearch S.R.L.

Leadership in Research & Development

U.SK Under Skin works with multiple laboratories worldwide to acquire the most innovative, high-performing and up-to-date active ingredients and combine them with the latest modern product research.

Scientific Studies and Clinical Evaluation

Our core products are applicable for frequent patient requests for aging process issues such as hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and lines of expression, loss of firmness and decreasing superficial fat pads.
Each one of our products in our portfolio has been tirelessly performance tested since their inception in our Design Formulation on Research and Development facilities.  They are subjected to hard selection criteria until the clinical evaluations in the Partner Research Institute’s methodology analyses are obtained with the most exacting standards.

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